You Deserve a Beautiful Floor

Whether your hardwood floor is in need of repair, replacement, refinishing, sanding or restoration it can likely be saved.

Custom Hardwood Installation and Design

Custom Hardwood Floor Designs

For custom designs and installations our boundary is your imagination. We can design the complete floor with inlays, borders or medallions based on what you would like or can conceive.

Unique hardwood floor inlay designs and patterns are our specialty – if you have an idea we can make it.

Our artists can sketch a concept and make changes based on your preferences and provide a final draft for your approval.

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Restoring Hardwood


Let Sheffield Hardwood help you bring your floor back to life; age, scratches, dullness and discoloration are the most common signs that a hardwood floor is due for refinishing.

Fortunately, the typical ¾-inch-thick hardwood floor can be sanded about six to eight times during its lifetime. So unless you live in a particularly old house, or a previous resident was an especially aggressive refinisher, chances are good that your wood floors can be brought back to a beautiful condition.

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Reparing Hardwood


We can repair and replace:

  • Gouges, scratches or stains caused by furniture moving or pets on your hardwood floor, stair-treads or staircase.
  • Buckled or cupped floors caused by water expansion of your hardwood floor.
  • Holes from cable TV, staples or carpet tack strips from removing carpet leaving no evidence of past use.
  • Fire damaged hardwood sections from cigarettes or embers from fireplaces.
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Our Approach

Our Approach

  1. We define the scope of work and develop a work plan including cost and timing.
  2. We share this document with the clients.
  3. If there are changes that affect cost, timing or anything else we adjust the original documents.
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About Sheffield Hardwood
Our Promise

Our Promise

The operating principles of Sheffield Hardwood are:

  1. Respond to calls and emails promptly.
  2. Explain in writing to the customer: what we are going to do, when it will be done and how much it will cost.
  3. Provide the absolute best quality workmanship to each customer.
  4. Arrive on site at the agreed time.
  5. Charge as quoted unless scope changes require a re-negotiation. No charges to be made without prior agreement.